Return of Russell

Guard/Forward, Kirsty Russell returns for her 2nd season with the Gloucester City Queens. Russell's remarkable journey to the WBBL started as an unknown trialist that became an integrable part of the professional set up.

Kirsty Russell had this to say about her return:

Basketball has given me a direction in life, a place to grow both on and off the court. This is an opportunity I see Gloucester providing for many young girls and boys in the future. I am excited to meet the team and continue along this journey with the Queens, Jay and Jimmy.

Coach Jimmy Bower had this to say:

We use the term "Glue Guy" in basketball but it needs to change to "Glue Woman" with a picture of Kirsty next to it. This is a player that has given heart and soul on and off the court. The stats won't tell you the true story of her impact because she will the one that dives on the floor, takes the charge or simply makes the extra pass or right play. How can you not want a player like that in your team. We are looking forward to having her back with us.

CEO of Gloucester Sport added:

Kirsty is why I am in sport, walking in off the street to a trial and becoming not just a part of the squad but a part of our culture. She will be the story and standard we talk about here at the club for a very long time. I've seen a lot of basketball players hear the mountain they need to climb and walk away, Kirsty took on the challenge and achieved, now it's time for her to take the next step and push on. What people won't see is all the tireless work she is does behind the scenes also with coaching, mentoring, officiating, in my eyes she is what I want a QUEEN to be, we are proud she is one of ours.

With the Gloucester City Queens trial coming around this coming Wednesday, could you be the next Kirsty Russell. Sign up here: