Key partnership launch City JNRS program

Gloucester City Basketball and Montagu Academy announce the launch of youth development program, City JNRS. The weekly sessions will be teaching the skills and fundamentals of basketball in a safe, fun environment, with qualified coaches and professional players aiming to inspire young athletes with great teaching moments that help them become more confident and positive.

The partnership will launch the program on the 2nd July with Montagu Academy hosting an invite only day with Gloucester City Basketball. 150 young sportsmen and sportswomen that have come through the academy's delivery program will sample basketball throughout the day. A true celebration of the sport and partnership.

City JNRS officially opens it's doors to U8's, U10's and U12's on the 17th July at St Peter's High School. With limited places available don't hesitate to book your place here.

CEO of Gloucester City Basketball said:

"Having played and coached around the world, it's been fun to see how different countries develop their stars of tomorrow. My takeaways have been to create a program where young athletes can EXPLORE, LEARN and PARTICIPATE. For most we will be their first experience of the sport, it's our responsibility to have a fun, safe environment for them to fall in love with the game like we have."

Montagu Academy are an innovative company delivering PE in primary schools across the County. As a company, Montagu Academy are continually innovating and in the past couple of years they have started to introduce data assessments into Primary PE so that improvements in a child’s physical and skill development can be monitored by schools. It is adopting an approach that happens in professional sport to a grassroots level. The possibilities with this approach are endless including:

  • being able to monitor children’s health, activity and fitness levels - which is really important after a global pandemic and the current Childhood Obesity agenda

  • being able to target particular areas for children to work on in order to improve

  • being able to uncover all-around athletes of the future!

Gloucester City Basketball believe this analytical approach to a child’s physical development being implemented by Montagu Academy is the future and is going to benefit our programmes as well as the participation and performance in sport of the city as a whole in the coming years.

CEO of Gloucester City Basketball said:

"I am delighted to be working with Kieran and his team, they combine top class coaching and delivery with analytical data, creating an environment for young athletes to fall in love with sport, fitness and health. This is the future of youth development in this country bridging the gap between schools and sports governing bodies. This partnership will raise the participation in our sport at a grassroots level, enable us to grow as a club and develop the stars of tomorrow."